New Panel PDFs Added

I have updated the PDF versions of the panels to reflect changes made for the presentations at Ohayocon 2017!

Come See Us at Ohayocon

Learn about our panel schedule at Ohayocon 2017!

Back to Work!

Well I know it's been some time since I've updated the site. Mostly because I've had a busy work schedule and it's been easier to throw up some quick photos and a description on my Facebook page than to write a complete blog post. However, things finally seem to be calming down a bit and I'm hopting to get some of my photos and notes organized over the next couple weeks and try and get a couple in-progress posts made.

Making Jaune's Shield-Resin Coating

In Part One I covered the process of creating the base form for the shield from craft foam. In this part, I focus on resin coating the shield to provide a tough surface.

Upcoming Events!

Just a quick head's up to let people know where they can find me!