Making Jaune's Shield-Resin Coating

In Part One I covered the process of creating the base form for the shield from craft foam. In this part, I focus on resin coating the shield to provide a tough surface.

Upcoming Events!

Just a quick head's up to let people know where they can find me!

New Upcoming Projects

In a push to get things done before upcoming cons, I've started several new costume projects. First up is Kaworu from Evangelion which I hope to have finished by August. Second, Elizabeth and Booker from Bioshock Infinite which I also hope to have done for August. Following that, I'm hoping to create Iwatobi Swim Club jackets for Ramencon in September. October brings Tataru Taru from Final Fantasy XIV as well as another character that his yet to be identified. It's going to be a busy few months!

Making Jaune's Shield-The Basic Form

This post covers my process for creating Jaune's shield. In this article I cover the cutting process and preparations for resin coating.

ACen Follow Up