Fabric Shopping!

Well I had a busy weekend and took not just one but two trips to Chicago to look for fabric for upcoming projects.  I visited three stores over the weekend: Fishman's Fabrics, Vogue Fabrics, and Discount Textile Warehouse.  I enjoyed all three of them however for different reasons:


Dalian's Necklace: Creating the Basic Form

In this post I'm going to cover the process I went through for constructing Dalian's necklace.  This is the third try for the necklace.  The first try was an attempt using vinyl tubing coated with paint on the inside and glued to a piece of styrene to create the necklace.  While this method was easy to create, the vinyl tubing did not look right for this application.  The second attempt was using styrene tube glued to thin styrene.  Problems bending the styrene and time constraints doomed this attempt.  The present attempt uses styrene tube and bendable plastic from Micro Mark. 


Interfacing the Fronts

Spent most of Saturday (and a whole tank worth of water) interfacing the fronts for the jackets.  This is my first major variation from the pattern instructions.  Typically, commerical patterns call for only the facing to be interfaced.  However in the fusible tailoring technique that I'm trying the whole front of the jacket is interfaced.  The interfacing is cut using the same pattern piece that was used to cut the front of the jacket.  Here is a picture of the interface piece after cutting:

Coat Pattern and Fabric Selection

The first step of coat construction is to select a good pattern and fabric to match the character.  Although this is a remake of an existing costume, I'm going to cover the logic that went into the pattern selection for the first coat.  I will also cover the fabric selection process with insignt into both the first and second pattern selection. 

Starting the Jacket

After finding several things I disliked about the jacket I made for Rei. I have decided to remake it out of a friendlier fabric.  This is my first try at actually moving beyond the basic pattern directions and trying some tailoring techniques as well.  Because of this, I'm presenting this as sort of a step by step sew along.  I will post pictures with my observations as the jacket comes together.  However, since this is my first time trying these techniques, there may be some issues that crop up due to things presented earlier in the series.  You are warned, following what I've done exactly may cause you to encounter issues later.  With that out of the way, lets get started! 

New WIP: Kaito

Well after a late night conversation during YoumaCon.  Myself, Raj, and Karmada were toying around with the idea of making vocaloids.  While we were looking at various character designs, I fell in love with Kaito's Drizzle costume and decided to make it.  It should be fairly straightforward but allow me to expand my horizons in working with satin fabrics (which I dislike). 


Kaito's Drizzle Costume



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